Manuel Kehl

About Me

Hi, my name is Manuel. I am a software developer, musician and tech enthusiast. On this page you can find out more about me as a person.

Information Technology

Since approximately the age of 14, driven by curiosity, I started to explore the vast amount of creative possibilities that programming languages and software development toolkits offer. Until today, I have not lost any of the excitement about them.
I gained experience in different programming and scripting languages including Java, C, C++, Vala, PHP, JavaScript, Python and Bash. I have developed applications and user interfaces for both desktop and mobile operating systems as well as worked on web projects. Moreover I experimented with embedded systems and microcontroller programming in C.

In consequence of my affinity for software development, I studied computer science. Completing a BSc programme at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, I have learned a lot of fascinating things and got in touch with interesting people.

During a BSc thesis work placement at Damiler AG's Image Understanding Group (computer vision for autonomous driving and driver assistance) in 2015, I worked with different machine learning techniques such as neural networks which was

I did my master's degree at the university of St Andrews in Scotland. The university is great and the MSc programme was highly interesting. Living and studying in a historic, picturesque town located at the Scottish North Sea coast was a unique and special experience I would not want to miss.

I currently live in London, where I work as a software engineer in the field of multimedia.


Besides computers, I am interested in different types of arts as both consumer and creator of such. I am especially excited about music because it provides ways of expressing one's thoughts and feelings on a level that is hard to reach by plain words. I compose my own songs, play the guitar and sing. The following video shows me performing one of my songs during an open mic night:

Another thing that must not be left aside when talking about contemporary arts are video games. Not all video games are designed with the sole purpose of action and "stupid" entertainment in mind (though that can be fun too!). A lot of recent games (especially "Indie Games") feature deep storytelling combined with lovely handcrafted graphics and revolutionary game concepts. One huge plus of video games is their interactive nature, which lets the player immerse into the artwork.


The topics mentioned above are to be considered an excerpt of my interests and activities. If you are interested in any of these you may want to keep an eye on my blog as I am probably going to write about that in the future.